A Magic Muscle Building Pill? HMB-FA is No Joke

It seems too good to be true right? A pill you can take to help you build bigger muscle in less time than it would normally take? Well, this is possible if that pill is an oral steroid but that’s not we’re talking about here. We’re talking about Clear Muscle from Muscletech. Want a review? You got it! No it is NOT a steroid but yes, it is a pretty magical pill. Seriously, taken over 16 weeks studies found participants packed on pounds of lean muscle mass compared to control subjects. Of course, magic doesn’t exist, so what’s going on here? Let us explain a little bit about the “secret ingredient” that makes Clear Muscle so potent.

The active compound in Clear Muscle is a little thing called HMB-FA. HMB-FA is an abbreviation for the scientific name “beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate”. This is essentially a more pure form of HMB. The supplement used to be more popular but died out because it didn’t seemed readily bio-available to be used in muscle protein synthesis. This is because previous forms of HMB were calcium bonded. The new one used in Clear Muscle does not need to be bonded to calcium and thus is called “free acid”, which stands for the “FA” at the end of “HMB-FA”.

HMB-FA has been trademarked and is now known as “Beta-Tor”. If you look at your supplements they will list “Beta-Tor” instead of HMB-FA. Currently Muscletech is the only company with rights to use this new type of supplement. betator

The whole thing behind this supplement is that when taken it is supposed to go to work enhancing the recovery time and quality of muscle fibers that were damaged during a workout. Faster and better muscle recovering means more muscles, bigger muscles and more gains in the long run.

A University did a study on Clear Muscle and its effectiveness. They issued one group HMB-FA, or “Clear Muscle”, which included 1 gram over the day three times. This totaled 3 grams of HMB-FA per athlete in the study. The other group were given nothing. Both groups were given a strict workout routine. In the end the control group gained a little muscle naturally, as to be expected with any good workout routine. However it was the HMB-FA group that saw the most impressive and substantial muscle gains. They gained an average of almost 5 pounds of muscle!

The workout routine was one that was designed to push the body past it’s limits and is often known as “over-reaching”, because you are reaching beyond your normal limitations. You have to be really committed if you are going to try workout routine like this. You should also be adding a whole food diet as the foundation of your muscle protein synthesis, after all, you can’t build muscle without the right building blocks!

Overall the impacts of Beta-Tor, or HMB-FA as it’s known are super impressive. Combined with a whole food diet, large amounts of natural protein derived from meat and whey sources, and ample time to recover (don’t forget, you only grow when you’re sleeping!) the sky is the limit with this supplement. The best part of the whole thing is it’s perfectly natural, so even young athletes can take the supplement without fear of not passing a performance enhancing drug test.

If you are curious about Clear Muscle you can check out both of the links shared in this article above. The first site gives a first-hand user review of the product, the second site is none other than Bodybuilding.com which published the results of the university study conducted where the Clear Muscle users gained almost 5 pounds of muscle over the control studies.