Potential Causes for Damaged Teeth

One of the parts of the body that a lot of people tend to take for granted is the teeth. While a majority of people today are willing to spend a lot of time and money buying make up or facial care products to improve the condition of their face, a lot of these people are content only with just regular brushing of teeth and flossing. While these dental hygiene practices are without a doubt great in maintaining your teeth, these are just not enough for optimum dental health, and that damage to the teeth can occur even when you do the aforementioned teeth care activities.

Tooth decay is one very common problem that a lot of people all over the world face. Teeth are responsible for breaking down the food that people eat into a form that is much easier for the body to digest. As the teeth breaks down the food, particles may stick onto the teeth which not only cause the teeth to get stained and become yellowish, but can also leave bacteria on the surface of the teeth. When not cared for properly, these bacteria can cause tooth decay.

In the early stages, tooth decay may not pose any problems to an individual, but when left unchecked, the teeth that are affected by decay can become quite painful and distracting. In some cases, the teeth can be visibly damaged with black patches onto it, and is something that is never attractive for anybody.

However, poor dental hygiene is not the exclusive cause of tooth damage. It is also possible that trauma to the mouth area can cause the teeth to break apart. Accidents or hits that are intended for the mouth area can have sufficient force to make teeth break apart. While not usually causing any further dental problems or loss of the functionality of the teeth, it is no secret that broken or chipped teeth can be quite unsightly.

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